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Cogen Plant Model

Challenge– A renowned American Surveyor approached us to help them in modeling a Cogen Plant. They already had a plant project scanned with Leica Scanner. The ultimate goal of the client was to expand the existing model they had. Since this model is expected to contain large equipment, popes, and supporting structures, it was a complex project to handle. The tolerance of the scanned project was +-10mm.

In addition to this, the client also requested individual isometric drawings of all the pipes along with the overall project plan including reference tags for easy navigation throughout the project.

Goal – The goal was to convert the scanned project using Leica Scanner to an AutoCAD Plan 3D model. (Scan to CAD).

Time Frame – The expected time of completion was set to 30 days.

Tech Stack Used – We used Cyclone, Autocad, and Autocad plan 3D software to complete this project.

Results – The client received all the CAD drawings scanned from Pointcloud. We managed to highlight all the specifics along with the isometric drawings.