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We, at Cosmere Technologies, revolve around the promise with which we began this company. With the vision of helping businesses adopt technology, we today serve some of the best and most renowned architectural, engineering, and construction companies across the globe. Right from BIM services, CAD services, and Geospatial services, to Visualization, we provide everything to take your business a notch above the competition.

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6D Sustainability !

Managing your building sustainability information using 6D BIM Modeling

At Cosmere Tech, we make it possible for buildings to manage their sustainability information using our 6D BIM services. With our expertise in Revit building programs and elements like Autodesk Revit & Autodesk Insight 360, we get all the information on the building’s superior energy & performance.

Our Range of BIM Clash Detection Services

Thanks to the years of experience we hold, we have expertise in offering quality clash detection services including

Powerful Detection

With our 6D BIM services, facility managers get a powerful tool to manage, operate, and maintain all the essential building components.

Energy efficient

With 6D BIM modeling, we help you identify and eliminate any unnecessary power and energy consumption, minimizing the annual energy cost.

Saves Money

With our 6D BIM services, we give you a chance to save a lot of money that would otherwise be wasted on the employment of conventional methods used for the management and maintenance of facilities.

Building Intelligence Modelling
Our 6D BIM Services include

Energy analysis models (EAM) are used in whole building energy simulations to display in gbXML format. We translate all the information from BIM to an energy analysis model. EAM is an abtrraction of a building’s entire form and layout into a “comutational network” which can capture all the key paths and heat transfer processes throughout the building. With our expert team and experience, Cosmere Tech offer a new way of EAM creation.

Managing your building sustainability information using 6D BIM Modeling

We use Revit Building elements and two programs including Autodesk Revit & Autodesk Insight 360 to create a superior energy and environment performance inside the building. We emphasis on helping building become more sustainable and consume less energy. Unlike CAD, in Revit, we design a model with all the walls and elements in the building, providing all the insulation values.

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Our 6D BIM services include

There are many reasons why you should consider our BIM auditing services. Some of these reasons include


Building energy consumption analysis




Light pollution detailing


Conceptual energy analysis



Reflection & Glare Plans

Shadow & visibility Analysis

Why invest in 6D BIM Services?

There are several different benefits that you get with 6D BIM services. Some of these advantages are

  • Accurate and quick decision-making right from the earliest phases of the design.
  • Improved communication as well as information exchange between different departments involved in the process.
  • Rapid evaluation of the different possible solutions
  • Reducing the overall power and energy consumption
  • Lowering the impact of building on the environment
  • Saving more on energy consumption
  • Improved management of the building
  • Building Intelligence Modelling

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    Why 4D & 5D simulations?

    With our 4D BIM simulations and 5D BIM simulations, we have made it possible for our clients to manage dimensions like time and cost in the project model. Visualization of the project progress can help you solve several logistical issues as well as inefficiencies. Some of the things that can be exposed using these 5D & 4D simulations are -

    Out-of-sequence work

    “What if” scenarios

    Scheduling conflicts between different trades

    Macro-level construction phasing strategies

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