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We, at Cosmere Technologies, revolve around the promise with which we began this company. With the vision of helping businesses adopt technology, we today serve some of the best and most renowned architectural, engineering, and construction companies across the globe. Right from BIM services, CAD services, and Geospatial services, to Visualization, we provide everything to take your business a notch above the competition.

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Steel Detailing !

Offering precise Structural Steel Detailing Services

Cosmere Technologies offer excellent structural detailing and design services that include everything from approval drawings, CAD drawings, and steel fabrication drawings, to 3D models. Over the years, we have successfully served several architectural, construction, as well as structural engineering companies across the globe easing the workload commitments & providing specialized technical skills which they lag in-house. We make it easier for these companies to determine the estimates, schedules, as well as plans. We make sure that with our steel designs one gets all the needed information on the structural elements like beams, columns, joists, braces, trusses, etc. With the team of best & skilled CAD engineers, we deliver what we promise - Excellent Steel Detailing. We have been considered one of the trusted steel detailing companies across the globe by many architectural, construction, and structural engineering companies.

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Our Steel Detailing Services

Bringing Excellence of Technology in Structure Engineering! Under Cosmere Technologies, we have both the knowledge and the skill to produce adequate designs, drawings, and reports that comply with both the international & local standards like NISD, AISC, Euro Codes, as well as British Standards.

With us, you will get all kinds of steel detailing services

General Steel detailing

We not just create the drawings and formulate the documents, but also include drawing register, shop & field bolt summaries, bolt location list, cutting list, erection drawing, and fitting in our drawings and document at Cosmere Technologies.

3D steel modeling & 3D BIM services

Our team of expert structural engineers will use the latest and the most advanced 3D modeling and BIM services to create a detailed & accurate 3D design. All our designs come with needed information for accurate site construction.

Framing plans

We, at Cosmere Technologies, make sure that all our steel detailing drawings include information on the structural elements and frameworks to match your specifications to speed up the process.

Building Intelligence Modelling
Shop fabrication drawings

Cosmere Technologies produce detailed drawings that are shop-ready and are fabricated with brilliance and precision. All the steel members, as well as elements, are drawn individually, keeping the dimensions, location, etc in it.

BOM (Bill of Materials)

We can also provide a comprehensive bill of all the materials in the steel design and drawings along with the quantities and costings for each of the materials.

Building Intelligence Modelling
Anchor Bolt Plans

In our drawings, we also calculate and embedded the plans of anchor bolt locations for the ground fixing & attachment of steel elements to concrete. Not just this, with our drawing you will get the details like bolt sizes, thread sizes, required tensile strength, and torque settings.

Embedded Material plans

With our steel detailing services, you will also get information on the embedded materials that are mostly produced for steel-reinforced concrete. This information will include Rebar sizes, shapes, layout, and concrete depths.

Building Intelligence Modelling

Steel Estimation Reports

With the excellent team of expert structural engineers and CAD experts, you will get a complete report on the quantities of steel used and the approximate cost for that.

Minimal waste & Zero Rework is what we promise at Cosmere Wondering if we can help your business?

Why Choose Cosmere Technologies for Steel Detailing Services?

When it comes to construction, steel detailing plays a vital role and needs to be done with high accuracy. At Cosmere Technologies, we understand that and therefore, have the most skilled CAD engineers who have experience in handling all the aspects of steel detailing. Besides that we have

Experience in handling all levels of steel detailing projects

Expertise in different formats & advanced tools

Knowledge on how to integrate the design and drawings with CNC Machining & Other CAM Methods

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Why invest in 6D BIM Services?

There are several different benefits that you get with 6D BIM services. Some of these advantages are

  • Accurate and quick decision-making right from the earliest phases of the design.
  • Improved communication as well as information exchange between different departments involved in the process.
  • Rapid evaluation of the different possible solutions
  • Reducing the overall power and energy consumption
  • Lowering the impact of building on the environment
  • Saving more on energy consumption
  • Improved management of the building
  • Building Intelligence Modelling
    Why 4D & 5D simulations?

    With our 4D BIM simulations and 5D BIM simulations, we have made it possible for our clients to manage dimensions like time and cost in the project model. Visualization of the project progress can help you solve several logistical issues as well as inefficiencies. Some of the things that can be exposed using these 5D & 4D simulations are -

    Out-of-sequence work

    “What if” scenarios

    Scheduling conflicts between different trades

    Macro-level construction phasing strategies

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