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We, at Cosmere Technologies, revolve around the promise with which we began this company. With the vision of helping businesses adopt technology, we today serve some of the best and most renowned architectural, engineering, and construction companies across the globe. Right from BIM services, CAD services, and Geospatial services, to Visualization, we provide everything to take your business a notch above the competition.

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LIDAR Services!

Making it easier to acquire terrain information

We, at Cosmere Tech, offer excellent LIDAR services using the latest technology. LIDAR is an optical remote sensing technology that is highly capable of measuring the distance to & properties of targets using illuminating laser light. We use multiple collection platforms and acquire LIDAR data over the area of interest while beginning the process immediately after data acquisition.

Along with getting cost-effective services, with Cosmere Technologies, we also make sure that you get the highest quality of point cloud services with 100% accuracy.

Our Scan to 2D Drawings Work Flow

Density Measurement

LiDAR equipped drones can reach the ground surface through small openings in the canopy, plant-life, and foliage, allowing us to capture depth data which is very difficult to capture otherwise. We, at Cosmere Tech, help businesses like Agriculture, forestry, surveying, and land development to get useful data on depth measurements.

Detailed Detection

LiDAR drones can fly at low altitudes, reaching growth through obstacles like heavy vegetation to collect precise locational data. With the team of Cosmere Tech, businesses like Archaeology, Land development. Energy & utilities, and forestry to get important terrain insights.

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bim model benefits

Using LiDAR drone technology, we can also help you collect data on the volume contained within the area. This is great for mining, landfills, industrial sites, and stockpiles.

Elevation modeling

We also help create high-precision 3D models that are well-equipped to deliver robust information like finding low points on farmlands that are impossible to gather using traditional means.

Cosmere Technologies CAD Services
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Environmental & Coastal restoration

With the help of LiDAR technology, we can also gather critical data like erosion patterns, coastline shifts, and more and provide it to licensed professionals working to restore the vulnerable coastlines.

Our 3D BIM Modeling Services

Our team at Cosmere will deliver cost-effective & precise 3D BIM models with the goal of achieving efficiency on site.

With our efficiency and experience, we deliver 3D CAD models that our clients can use for renovation, asset upgrades, asset management, and expansions. Over the years, we have helped several companies in different industries including - airports, commercial complexes, residential buildings, and even hospitals.

Building Intelligence Modelling
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Who can benefit from LIDAR?

There are many fields and professionals who can take advantage of LiDAR for several different things. Some of these are -


Geology and Soil Science


Professional Engineers


Law Enforcement

Professional Surveyors

Land Development

Autonomous Vehicles


Forestry Management

Building Modeling

Biology and Conservation


Oil and Gas

Railway Inspection

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