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We, at Cosmere Technologies, revolve around the promise with which we began this company. With the vision of helping businesses adopt technology, we today serve some of the best and most renowned architectural, engineering, and construction companies across the globe. Right from BIM services, CAD services, and Geospatial services, to Visualization, we provide everything to take your business a notch above the competition.

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Deformation Analysis!

Get innovative solutions for your project deliverables with our 3D modelling services.

Deformation analysis will help you determine the geometrical changes of an object caused by different external factors. Cosmere Technologies helps you with it by using the precise 3D laser scanning system that gathers the as-built data of the object which is further used for deformation analysis of the object. We have a team of experts who will provide a detailed report depicting the magnitude of the deformation in the object.

We help people precisely determine the deformation of the steel elements, bridges, and other objects
3D BIM Modeling Services

We all know that objects like storage tanks, coke drums, and oil tanks need periodic maintenance to avoid deformation. Usually, there are many objects that tend to change their shape because of heavyweight or pressure. This is why it is important to have a highly precise survey of the asset. This will determine the deformation. We use laser scanners to gather data from all over the surface. However, it is not a very efficient way of deformation analysis.

Our 3D BIM Modeling Services

Our team at Cosmere will deliver cost-effective & precise 3D BIM models with the goal of achieving efficiency on site.

Thanks to the new hardware and software we have at Cosmere Tech, we help detect the deformation in any object. Along with the latest technology, we have an experienced team of experts who will help you detect all the deformations and avoid any issues that might occur if deformations goes undetected or untreated.

Building Intelligence Modelling
Minimal waste & Zero Rework is what we promise at Cosmere Wondering if we can help your business?
Our Set of Scan to 3D CAD model Services

Processing all the collected point cloud data to intelligent 3D models with the level of detailing of your choice.

Preparing the as-built models as well as drawing extraction.

We model the assets as well as equipment from the scanned data

We offer surface & terrain modelling services

Looking for deformation analysis services?

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