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We, at Cosmere Technologies, revolve around the promise with which we began this company. With the vision of helping businesses adopt technology, we today serve some of the best and most renowned architectural, engineering, and construction companies across the globe. Right from BIM services, CAD services, and Geospatial services, to Visualization, we provide everything to take your business a notch above the competition.

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PDF to CAD Conversion Services !

Offering Best PDF to CAD Conversion Services

Cosmere Technologies is known for being a trusted company that offers best-in-class PDF to CAD conversion services. This includes the conversion of all types of drawings to CAD format. Be it .dwg format or .dxf format, we can convert any PDF to these formats. We can successfully convert any kind of design - architectural design, product design, construction blueprints, and MEP layouts into a precise CAD drawing. We work with companies across the globe who wish to convert their PDF design files into CAD files that can be easily amended and updated. Thanks to the advanced technologies like AutoCAD, MicroStation, Navisworks, and Revit, we can convert PDF files easily into CAD drawings.

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Get PDF to CAD Conversion Services From Professionals

Thanks to the years of experience we hold, we have expertise in offering quality clash detection services including


Cosmere Technologies have made its place among the best CAD companies across the globe. Our team of experts make sure that you get the quality PDF to CAD services.

Our PDF to CAD conversion Services Include

PDF Raster Image to CAD Vector Conversion

Wood Trim Detailing

We use all the latest and advanced CAD software & tools to convert your PDF file to CAD formats. We make sure that you get the 100% accurate result after conversion. All the errors are resolved by us.

Building Intelligence Modelling
PDF to CAD to 3D Model or BIM Conversion

We have Autodesk Revit software experts who created rendered 3D models or BIM models from CAD files after PDF files are converted to CAD software supported formats.

Conversion of PDF to CAD & Reformatting Services

Once the PDF file is converted to CAD, the drawings then, can be reformatted to meet all your needs and comply with all the local and global construction standards.

Building Intelligence Modelling

Conversion of PDF to CAD & Drawing Amendments

With us, you get a chance to make needed amendments to your CAD designs. No matter whether you want to add new drawing or change the existing one, we have team of best engineers who can help you.

Minimal waste & Zero Rework is what we promise at Cosmere Wondering if we can help your business?

Our Tech Stack

With our Millwork drafting services, you will get the following









Dusion 360

Formats We Convert PDF Into are

Why Get PDF to CAD Conversion Services?

There are many benefits of converting PDF design into CAD drawings. Some of these benefits are

  • Get access to all the latest tools and software
  • Advanced checking procedures
  • Professional drawings amendments
  • Affordable & high-quality conversion service
  • Improved communication
  • Building Intelligence Modelling

    Conversion of PDF to CAD & Drawing Amendments

    We, at Cosmere Technologies save your time by handling this complicated and time-consuming task of PDF to CAD conversion. By outsourcing your CAD conversion services to Cosmere Techbologies you can ensure getting best outcomes. We make sure that no client leaves our door without satisfaction.

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    Why 4D & 5D simulations?

    With our 4D BIM simulations and 5D BIM simulations, we have made it possible for our clients to manage dimensions like time and cost in the project model. Visualization of the project progress can help you solve several logistical issues as well as inefficiencies. Some of the things that can be exposed using these 5D & 4D simulations are -

    Out-of-sequence work

    “What if” scenarios

    Scheduling conflicts between different trades

    Macro-level construction phasing strategies

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