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BIM Collaboration Process | Let’s Understand It In Depth! 

The original concept of BIM is composed of three parts – Building, information, and modelling. It was a major change that was introduced in the construction industry. However, the broader definition of BIM refers to radically transforming & improve the overall performance of every participant in the process. The good thing is that BIM technology is not yet done. It is still evolving for the better. In this piece of article, we are going to elaborate on the BIM collaboration process in detail.
BIM Collaboration process

The BIM collaboration process can be described as an identification process of different processes involved in the construction phases. This is not it, understanding the process of data and information sharing between these different construction phases is another important part of the definition. Now that we are discussing this, it is important to draw a line between the definition of “data” and “information”. 

  • Data refers to the actual data generated by the software throughout different phases of the project. 
  • The information represents the process of informing different users about specific events in the context of different phases involved in the project.

Getting to the BIM collaboration process, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is a complex process that has different parts of it that are meant to interact with everyone involved in different phases like permissions, data creation, data replication, information sharing, and software tool to operate properly. The below-mentioned components will help define and structure this complex process to some extent. 

Data interoperability

 This is the process of figuring out ways of bringing different types of data formats into one combined project. This will also have a hand in data migration. 

Data creation & sharing 

This refers to the process including data management solution development, data sharing workflows, and other processes that deal with defining & organizing different types of data. 

Information Sharing 

This defines different stages of sharing information with the same design discipline or with other disciplines as well as status information, version information, and more. 

Communication & interaction 

It refers to dealing with the communication process, delivering relevant information to the users like project status, design data artefacts, and so on. It works well with email notifications, social media tools, dashboards etc. 

BIM Collaboration Assessment

When it comes to fencing any collaboration issues, BIM makes the process simpler. There is a list of some common issues that occur when complex teams, multiple model types, or any other issues related to – 

  • Consistency 
  • Standards
  • Structures within workflows 
  • Project teams and quick access 
  • Releasing the information in time, etc.

A collaboration solution that has no above-mentioned issues is what is referred to as perfect collaboration. Many companies like Cosmere Technologies can help you make your collaboration solution perfect. With a team of experienced BIM engineers and the latest technologies, they will help you make a strong BIM foundation for your project or projects. If you wish to experience the streamlined and strong BIM collaboration solution, you can simply contact Cosmere Technologies at