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How BIM Modelling Can Enhance the Efficiency of Renovation?

When it comes to the application of BIM (Building Information Modeling), there are many things that come to mind like – better collaboration & communication, model-based cost estimation, clash analysis, construction cost reduction, etc. In this blog, we are going to hyper-focus on the benefits that BIM modelling brings to the renovation industry. BIM services have become a very popular part of the entire construction industry. 

To understand why this is happening, you have to understand what BIM modeling brings to the table. Using BIM software, you can digitally create one or more virtual models of the building or the project which will enable you to choose the model that offers greater cost control and bring in more efficiency. Mostly, BIM technology is used before the initiation of the new project. 

However, we would like to share how beneficial BIM modelling can be for renovation and retrofits. Although, it is not often used for these projects, if and when used, it can bring in high efficiency and improve the process drastically. Especially when it comes to improving the existing building stock with respect to energy consumption, BIM can contribute a lot to making renovations. This will not only give you better control over the project, but you can also view different possibilities while doing the renovations. 

The power of BIM modeling to detect possible errors in the design phase can significantly reduce cost, bring in the time-efficiency, and result in better outcomes overall. In fact, with the global adoption of this technology, several stakeholders, companies, and even governments are requesting the preparation of the BIM model for the project before initiating the work. 

Irrespective of your beliefs, working on renovation projects is much more challenging than working on new projects clearly because of the surprises hidden within the process. The chances of mishaps are a lot when you are working on renovation projects. This is why taking advantage of BIM technology can prove to be a blessing. 

BIM aspects that can support successful building renovation projects

Point Cloud & Laser Scanning 

Point cloud to BIM or Scan to BIM services can come in handy when it comes to creating an accurate model for refurbishment & renovation projects. This is the process where the 3D laser is used to survey the entire building, providing all the important aspects of the same. This is the technology that helps eliminate the chances of errors that usually occur in traditional measurement processes. 

Scan-to-Construction Drawings

Another way in which BIM modelling can help renovation projects is by creating as-built BIM models. These drawings are created with the goal of determining the problems in the building design. This makes it easier for the contractors & architects to detect early clash detection, ultimately saving time, money, and resources. 

Asset Management

The use of parametric data derived from point clouds to 3D models provides a comprehensive and accurate view of building assets. This information is invaluable to architects, engineers, and designers in planning and modifying building systems, including plumbing, electricity, and HVAC. The data storehouse also aids in managing building utilities and implementing preventive maintenance measures.

When asset management databases are linked with Building Information Modeling (BIM), information management becomes seamless. BIM renders itself for the creation of digital twins and provides real-time information across asset categories, making asset location simpler. Moreover, BIM operates as an information storehouse for asset data, including asset history, size, operations, disaster recovery, and dependencies, enabling better planning of repair and maintenance while reducing time waste associated with asset management.

With BIM models, problems with AC and ducts can be identified quickly, enabling maintenance staff to fix them in one go, and reducing the need for multiple repairs associated with traditional asset management.

The 3D model also helps in identifying point and linear assets in the building structure, including information about interconnected points and linear assets. For example, point assets such as faucets, basins, and sprinklers are linked with linear assets like water supply and drainage pipes.

Point Cloud to 3D Model 

Through the process of Point Cloud to 3D model, asset data is transformed using software to create a comprehensive 3D model. This model accurately captures building geometry, including floor plans, elevations, and other sections of the building. This information storehouse is valuable in facilitating renovation planning, design, and construction.

Easy Collaboration

One of the key advantages of utilizing BIM services is the transparency of the information it provides. The 3D model created through BIM can be shared with all project collaborators, allowing real-time updates and access to all stakeholders. This eliminates any potential for miscommunication or conflicts, streamlining the workflow and communication among project members. As a result, conflicts can be resolved faster, leading to the successful and timely completion of the renovation project.

For a nation to achieve robust and sustainable infrastructure, retrofitting and renovating existing buildings must be an integral part of the mission. By utilizing advanced technologies such as Point Cloud to BIM services, it is possible to create sustainable infrastructure at scale. Adopting BIM is a natural precursor for large-scale public infrastructure upgradation and innovation.

These are some of the key aspects of BIM that can play a vital role when renovating a building. Each one of these will enable contractors, architects, and even stakeholders to efficiently complete the project. So, if you are still thinking about whether to hire a professional BIM company while renovating a building, stop thinking. 

The good news is that there are many companies that offer BIM services. One such company is Cosmere Technologies. At CosmereTech, we have an efficient team of BIM experts who will not just guide you through the process but also enable you to get the best out of the technology. So, wait no more and contact us now to understand how BIM improves the overall renovation process for you.