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Construction Cost Reduction Techniques | Benefits of BIM 

We all know that the construction industry is an evergreen industry. Where it employs millions of people, there it is also responsible for building remarkable buildings both residential ad commercial. Where it has so much to offer, to date it is considered to be one of the inefficient and wasteful industries of today. Thanks to BIM, the industry is transitioning to a better place with increased efficiency. Since BIM improved communication, it is one of the effective construction cost reduction techniques.

Every year billions and billions are dollars are put to waste just because of the inefficiency of the construction industry. Thankfully, with the advancements in technology, the industry is improving its way to efficiency and sustainability.

Out of all these technologies is BIM. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is digital software that helps everyone involved in the construction business – from architects, engineers, and contractors. The benefits of BIM range in all the aspects of the construction business – from planning, and designing, to construction.

In general, there are many advantages of BIM that has and are helping the construction industry to become more cost-effective, time effective, and sustainable. Here, in this blog, we are going to highlight some prominent benefits of BIM in construction.

So, let’s get straight to it…

1. BIM-Based Thermal Building Simulations

thermal simulations

Today, BIM is effectively used for simulating thermal projects of buildings using computer software. Through these thermal building simulations, you can effectively view the building volumes, shape, orientation, insulation levels, window sizes, and more, essential for comparing the performance of different building materials as well as systems. All the information gathered through these simulations can help in Construction cost reduction.

2. Optimizing Construction Site Logistics

We all are aware of how chaotic every construction site is. With the constant flow of construction materials and workers, it is a huge task to manage it all, ensuring the smooth flow of work, delays, and even accidents. Luckily, with 4D BIM modelling, you can clearly see how the building will be constructed over time. With this, you get to determine the potential problems and even take steps towards construction cost reduction.

3. BIM-Based Cost Management & Waste Reduction

Whenever one talks about construction cost reduction techniques, BIM modelling always comes to the top of the list. Unlike before when the construction companies struggled to stay on schedule, today with the methods like JIT (Just in Time) ordering, construction teams are becoming more efficient and when combined with BIM, it can prove quite beneficial. With all this, you can save a lot of money and material.

4. Space Optimization

Another one of these benefits of BIM is that it can help you with space optimization in multiple ways. With all the advancements that have been made in BIM, it is possible now to simulate the movement of people through spaces & allow you to view ideas about the effective use of the space. The photo-realistic 3D model of the building begins even before construction begins. A few more things that you can determine through these 3D models are automated clash detection and virtual walk-throughs.

5. Time Effectiveness

Efficient use of resources has become a necessity in the construction industry. Thanks to the technical advancements and introduction of BIM, construction companies can now actually reduce the cost and sustainably use the material. 3D BIM Modelling is often used by architects, engineers, and other construction professionals to minimize disruptions during construction. The results are quite effective when it is used effectively.

Bottom Line

So, in short, BIM is an effective tool that can help construction industries become more sustainable and cost-effective. Earlier when things were left to estimates, now, with the help of different construction cost reduction techniques like BIM modelling you can make your construction project sustainable and cost-effective. In case, you are looking for BIM services, you can consult our experts at Cosmere Technologies. Cosmere Technologies is one of the trusted BIM outsourcing companies in Finland, the USA, UAE, Belgium, and across the globe.

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