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bim for healthcare construction

Benefits of BIM for Healthcare Construction! 

BIM (Building information modeling) is one of today’s best tools used by construction and architecture companies. BIM has become one of the strong pillars that encourages one to promote the data-driven approach, making the entire construction process & lifecycle of the building more efficient. Along with efficiency, BIM has also impacted the profitability of projects. All these BIM construction benefits are not just limited to residential projects but also extend to commercial projects as well – including healthcare construction

When it comes to hospital planning and designing, we all can imagine how complex it can be. Including all the essential facilities for patient care is the primary consideration when constructing any healthcare facility. With the growing complexity of healthcare construction projects, the demand for BIM services is also increasing. 

Below, we have the list of reasons why more and more companies are adopting to BIM management when it comes to hospital planning and designing. 

Benefits of BIM for healthcare construction

Visual Model Defining the concept

Using Scan to BIM services, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D BIM modeling, one can easily convert the vision for their hospital into a model using augmented reality. These computerized visuals are then used to design details and intent exactly as the concept that has been built for the project. Earlier, before the invention of these BIM services, architects found it really difficult to communicate their concepts and vision. Not just this, often it was found the design was adequate on paper but was not practical when it came to construction. With Building information modeling, this judgement can be made easily even before construction work starts. 

With BIM technologies at their disposal, architects, contractors, and civil engineers can come together to understand the model’s aesthetics, and constructability, defining every minute detail, and ensuring the vision was practical enough to be developed. 

Sustainable healthcare construction

Sustainability has always been a challenge when it comes to hospital planning and design. Using 6D BIM services, one can effectively reduce the wastage of talent, resources, time, and money. BIM makes sure that the process allows a streamlined construction process where the focus is put on performance measurement and optimisation. Using BIM, you can conveniently streamline the supply chain of materials for healthcare facility construction and reduce the overall waste generated in a project. 

Risk reduction 

Risk reduction is another very significant benefit of BIM for healthcare construction industry. Using BIM services, you can efficiently detect the clashes, identify them and reduce its chances. When you have a team of BIM professionals at your disposal, you get a chance to detect the errors before the initiation of the construction work using clash detection services. So, clearly, when it comes to healthcare construction, it is important to have a BIM model created to understand the feasibility of the design you have visualized. 

Equipment Layouts 

No healthcare facility is complete without the proper management of the space to fit all the necessary healthcare equipment & machines. With BIM modelling, you can visualize the proper placement of equipment which ensures that the construction is done properly, keeping in mind all the important aspects of the hospital’s requirements. 

Time Efficiency 

With the use of BIM services, you get a streamlined approach to hospital planning and designing. All the points mentioned above collectively contribute to a time-efficient process of healthcare facility construction. 

These are some of the primary benefits of why BIM modeling is important for healthcare construction. Each one of the points mentioned above plays an important part in designing and constructing a proper healthcare facility. There certainly are many BIM companies in the USA, UAE, Germany, and across the globe that offer a complete range of BIM services. However, finding the right one can be challenging. At Cosmere Technologies, we offer the best in class BIM services to ensure you get the best outcome from the technology. All our team members are well-trained & experienced to offer the best services.