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best cad conversion tools

List of Best CAD Conversion Tools! Recommended By Professionals!

Be it any industry, smart-computer-aided designing has overpowered the old methods. We all know that there are several different CAD conversion software and drivers that are revolutionizing visual presentations for many different industries. Thanks to the progressive introduction of the high-end CAD conversion tools, engineers, designers, architects, designers, and scientists can now convert all the blueprints drawings and designs into smart and effective digital formats. 

Here, we are going to list the best CAD conversion software available in the market. 

So, let’s begin… 

1. AutoCAD 

AutoCAD is the most efficient and preferred CAD conversion software. This leading CAD conversion tool is prominently used for 2D and 3D conversions. The latest update of AutoCAD comes with improved design aggregation, enhanced workflow documentation, as well as a streamlined process. This software also supports customization & automation and has many multiple programs for industry-specific enhancements. 

Compatibility – Windows & Mac OS. 

Developer  Autodesk
Supported by Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS
Market price $1,865/year
Native file formats  DWG & DXF
Applications The tool focuses on 2D & 3D drawings. Best for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. 

2. ArchiCAD | CAD conversion software popular in the building industry

ArchiCAD is one of the prefered CAD conversion tools in the building design industry. Developed by Graphisoft, this conversion tool has made the task of 2D and 3D parametric geometry drawings easier and more efficient. Using this CAD conversion tool you can emphasise aesthetics and engineering providing specialized solutions for architectural engineers to explore their designs virtually. There is a huge variety of drawings, modelling, desktop publishing, architectural rendering, and documentation features that help make the process of CAD conversion more efficient and convenient. 

Compatibility – Windows & Mac OS. 

3. MicroStation

MicroStation CAD conversion tool is a tool that offers precise 2D & 3D CAD conversions supporting architecture, engineering, as well as the construction of different infrastructural projects. The pool of features embedded like enabling immersive interaction, robust data, as well as analysis, assure the creation of information including PDFs and plots in 3D drawings. This tool helps in generating high-quality animations and real photo renderings that ensure a superior platform. 

Compatibility – Windows

4. Inventor (Developed by Autodesk)

Inventor, a 3D CAD conversion software is one of the best in the class. This software comes with various product configurations that allow designers to use specific levels of functionalities according to the requirements like product simulations, design parameter modification, design comparison, mechanical designing, tool creation, and more. Digital prototyping or 3D models for product simulation is something that can be achieved by the Inventor, the best 3D CAD conversion software. The software offers easy data interoperability as well as exchange.

Developer  Autodesk
Supported by Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS
Market price $2,300/year
Native file formats  IPT, IDW, IAM, DWG
Applications The tool focuses on mechanical design, documentation, and product simulations. Perfect for engineers and industrial designers. 

5. Solidworks 

Around 1.5 million designers & engineers, today are using Solidworks, an effective mechanical 3D software worldwide. This software comes with multiple features that offer superior training and support that makes the use of the software more convenient. The premium edition of this CAD conversion software also supports design, verification, documentation, communication activities, and life cycle assessment. The live prototyping and product data management allow one to easily design information sharing, workflow maintenance & accurate modelling. 

Compatibility – Windows & Mac OS. 

Developer  Dessault Systemes
Supported by Windows
Market price $3,995/year
Native file formats  SLDPRT & SLDASM
Applications Perfect for aerospace, heavy equipment, medical, and energy sectors.

Bottom Line

These are some very effective CAD conversion software available in the market today. Each one of these software comes with a distinctive set of features, offering a variety of benefits. Where this software comes with a huge list of advantages, it is best that you know which one to use when and for what purpose. 

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