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Steel Detailing | What It Is And What Are Its Benefits?

Structural steel detailing is a critical process that demands a high level of accuracy. There are many benefits of detailing which we will be discussing here. However, before we jump to the section listing the benefits, let’s understand what is steel detailing. 

What is steel detailing?

Structural steel detailing is the process of producing detailed plans as well as drawings for all the steel fabricators as well as erectors. With the help of these drawings, erectors get to make the judgement on where and how to erect the fabricated steel members on the construction site. Not only this but with accurate steel detailing drawings, you can also send the exact requirements to the fabricator for every individual member and piece of steel. Unlike the times before when one has to sit for hours and hours to draw steel structural designs, now you can simply use one of the steel detailing software and create 3D drawings of the structure. Interesting right? 

The only thing to remember here is – “To Pick The Right Steel Detailing Service Partner.” 

Benefits of Steel Detailing | Why it has become a common thing in the construction industry?

Now that we have understood what steel detailing is, let’s get to the benefits part. There are many benefits of steel detailing apart from giving an exact idea of steel structuring. Some of these benefits are – Increased productivity, Easy access, Cost efficiency, Enhanced presentation, and Virtual reality integration. In addition to this, by getting the 3D steel detailing model prepared, a contractor can accurately estimate the amount of material, and manpower, and select the right kind of tool required to complete the project. On top of all that, it can also help detect any chances and possibilities of clash or extraneous parts at the planning stage itself, reducing the waste of money and time. This robust modelling also helps make it easier for a contractor to communicate with the client, helping them understand what they can expect at the completion of the project. Another huge benefit of getting the 3D model for steel detailing in the project is that it enables all the teams involved in the process to access the design at any time and from anywhere. 

These are some primary benefits of structural steel detailing. Every good steep detailing service provider makes sure that you heed the most benefits out of the 3D model and bring more accuracy, time efficiency, and cost efficiency to your project. The only catch, as we mentioned earlier is to get the right steel detailing company for the job. One such company is Cosmere Technologies. 

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