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laser scanning technology

Laser Scanning | Building Accurate As-built BIM Models! 

Whenever one talks about BIM, the as-built BIM model is the key component in it. This as-built model is the digital representation of the building after the construction process is over. Using this model, the construction companies document the actual construction of the building, ensuring that the building meets all the necessary design components and is in compliance with all the building codes. 

This process is completed using laser scanning technology. Below, we are going to take you through a few of the most common questions about laser scanning – starting from what laser scanning is and moving right to what are its advantages. 

What is laser scanning? 

Laser scanning is the technology that is used to create the as-built BIM models. This is the process in which laser scanners are used to capture the 3D location and the shape of the building components. The collected data is then used to fabricate the 3D model of the entire building with accurate dimensions going as detailed as millimetres. 

Advantages of laser scanning technology while creating as-built models

Earlier, this process was done manually by hand drawings which were not much accurate and were very time-consuming. With the advancements of technology, today, we have many technologies like LiDAR that can do the job, laser scanning technology, however, is the best. There are many reasons behind this. The prominent reason is that it is much faster and way more efficient in comparison to the traditional manual methods & hand drawings. 

This is not it…

With the help of the laser scanning method, you can create a highly-detailed model of the building. For example, thanks to laser scanning, you can include information about the electrical, plumbing systems, and even structural elements like windows, doors, etc accurately in the 3D model. This information is then used to analyze & optimize the future plans of the building. 

Another reason why laser scanning has become a popular way of building as-built BIM models is that it gives easy access to the model to all stakeholders. The data captured by laser scanners can be easily shared by all the involved teams – architects, structural engineers, construction contractors, builders, and even contractors involved, synchronizing the entire project. 

Clearly, laser scanning has made things easier at almost every front of the as-built BIM models. It brings to the table a faster, more convenient, accurate, and more detailed means of 3D BIM modelling. The good thing is that with the advancements going on in technology, we can expect more improvements in this domain. 

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