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lidar vs laser scanning

LiDAR & Laser Scanning Technology | Check out the differences between the two! 

LiDAR commonly known as Light Detection & Ranging & Laser scanning technology are two related as well as interchangeable technologies. Today, we are going to take you through some major differences between the two. However, before we start let’s understand what these both technologies are. 

What is LiDAR? 

LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that is often used to measure the distance between an object or surface using laser pulses. In this method, laser beams are emitted and the time is measured for them to reach the surface and bounce back. This information is then used for creating a 3D map of the environment. There are many applications where LiDAR technology is used such as – self-driving cars, aerial mapping, and even surveys. 

What is Laser scanning technology?

Laser scanning technology is the process used to capture 3D data using a laser beam. In this method, the laser beam is directed at the surface & the reflection of the beam is then captured. This is done repeatedly until the entire 3D model of the surface is captured. Industrial inspections, architectural documentation, and archaeological surveying are some common applications of laser scanning technology. 

LiDAR v/s Laser scanning technology!

Although both these technologies make use of laser beams there are some prominent differences between them regarding the way data is captured. Where LiDAR measures the time that the beam takes to bounce back, there, Laser scanning technology collects the data by capturing the reflection of the beam from the surface. This is not it. There is also a difference in the type of data that is captured by the two technologies. Where LiDAR is typically used to create a 3D map of the environment, there, Laser scanning method is prominently used for mapping and navigation purposes.

Accuracy & Resolution: LiDAR v/s Laser Scanning Technology

When it comes to accuracy and resolution, the two technologies are also quite different. LiDAR technology is considered to be more accurate in comparison to laser scanning technology. The reason behind this is that in this method only a single beam is used to capture the entire data, unlike Laser Scanning technology which uses multiple beams to do that same. 

Versatility: LiDAR v/s Laser Scanning Technology

In terms of versatility. LiDAR again wins the race. LiDAR technology can efficiently work in different environments & conditions. Be it complete darkness or adverse weather conditions, LiDAR will not disappoint you. On the other hand, the Laser scanning method is limited to indoor use or use in controlled environments.

Cost: LiDAR v/s Laser Scanning Technology

In terms of cost, LiDAR technology is more expensive for obvious reasons, specifically because specialized equipment, as well as software, is involved in the process. The good news is that more and more advancements are happening to make the technology a bit more affordable. 

In short, if we try to conclude our analysis, we would say that these two technologies are quite similar to one another and yet are not the same. We are sure that after going through the major differences between the two, you would understand which one of these two technologies is most effective for you. Those who wish to stick to the more cost-effective approach to scanning the surface can go with Laser scanning technology whereas those who can afford must go with LiDAR since it is more accurate, effective, versatile, and even more efficient. However, the choice will completely depend on the type of project you wish to use it for. 

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