bim and facility management

BIM modelling for building maintenance | Impact of BIM on Facility Management?

Among all the applications of BIM, BIM for facility managers is the latest one. By integrating the digital model of the building designs with sensors installed on the equipment & CMMS software, BIM for FM can help with the maintenance of the buildings and reduction of the cost.  Where BIM has become an integral part of the construction, there it …

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bim in renovation

How BIM Modelling Can Enhance the Efficiency of Renovation?

When it comes to the application of BIM (Building Information Modeling), there are many things that come to mind like – better collaboration & communication, model-based cost estimation, clash analysis, construction cost reduction, etc. In this blog, we are going to hyper-focus on the benefits that BIM modelling brings to the renovation industry. BIM services have become a very popular …

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Key Benefits of Outsourcing CAD Drafting Services for Fabricators

se of precise drawings that guide the entire process of construction & fabrication process. Besides that, CAD drafting services include the use of industry-specific software & tools along with skilled professionals. The good thing is that there are many companies to who you can outsource CAD services. They will not only have industry-specific software but also provide professionals with years …

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AR real estate

AR in Real estate | Definition, benefits, & more! 

Before the introduction of augmented reality, the entire real estate market revolved around the concept of apartment visits. Although it took time, finally this AR technology has been successfully adopted by the real estate industry, saving a lot of time and money for the companies as well as customers that earlier spent on travelling to the location.  However, when it …

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point cloud faqs

6 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Point Cloud Modelling!

Every now and then, new technologies appear to disrupt the construction and civil engineering industries. Although point cloud has been around for years, it’s just recently that it has become a prominent tool for most contractors and engineers looking for precise and efficient solutions while conducting land surveys. The best thing about point cloud modelling is that it accomplishes the …

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bim clash detection

What is clash detection, types of clash detection, & more… A Complete BIM Clash Detection Guide! 

There are many things that one needs to consider when it comes to construction and architecture. Also because it involves multiple project stakeholders, it needs a proper channel for coordination.  This is where BIM clash detection comes into play. With clash detection services, you can easily detect any possible “clashes” in the designed models.  The involvement of multiple stakeholders brings …

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product visualization

Some amazing benefits of 3D product visualization for furniture companies!

Whenever it comes to furniture making, most successful furniture companies today are taking advantage of 3D product visualization. Getting a product’s 3D representation using product visualization technology can help businesses to showcase the product to the client. This indeed is the best way to sell the product by showing it in its full glory.  We, at Cosmere Technologies, have helped …

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point cloud guide

A to Z of Point Cloud for Beginners! What is a point cloud, and how to create it & beyond

Before we start, let’s understand why we are writing this guide and for whom. This guide will help you understand everything important about point cloud like what it is, how it can be created, and what is its importance. Everyone who is new to the industry and everyone who wishes to take point cloud services.  Mapping the environment around any …

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